This indoor triathlon is based on time rather than distance.

The goal is to travel the greatest distance in the swim, bike and run events in a given period of time (15 or 30 min). Your final ranking will be calculated based on the total distance travelled. The three disciplines will count equally to get the final result. The participant or the team with the greatest combined distance wins the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places according to the results.

Swim event: the distance travelled is equal to the number of lengths completed. The pool measures 25 metres, so 4 lengths = 100 metres.

Cardio cycling event: the distance covered is equal to the total distance displayed on the console of your bike at the end of the event.

Run event: The distance travelled is equal to the number of laps completed. Each lap measures 125 metres.

The results will be communicated as they become available. The final ranking will be announced at the end of the day’s events.

Event details

For the Discovery level, the duration of the entire event is a little over an hour (65 minutes), including transition times.

Event details: Discovery level:

  • Start: 15 minutes of swimming in the pool
  • 15 minutes to transition
  • 15 minutes of cardio cycling
  • 10 minutes to transition
  • 15 minutes of running
  • End

For the Sprint level, the duration of the entire event is less than two hours (110 minutes), including transition times.

  • Start: 30 minutes swimming in the pool
  • 15 minutes of transition
  • 30 minutes of cardio cycling
  • 10 minutes of transition
  • 30 minutes of running
  • End

The transition times between the events are set and do not count in the time allotted for the events. If the participant takes more than the time scheduled to transition to the next event, there will be no penalty. He or she will simply have less time to complete the next event and accumulate distance.

Participants must be present at poolside 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Start times are available in a separate document.

Swim event

The swim event will take place in the 25-metre pool located in the basement of the Downtown YMCA.

  • You must start the event in the water.
  • You must wear the bathing cap provided.
  • All swimming styles are allowed.
  • You can rest if necessary, without blocking the corridor.
  • You cannot use the bottom to propel yourself except at the ends of the pool.
  • In case of emergency or if you are in need of assistance, simply raise your arms.
  • A volunteer will count the number of lengths you complete. You must travel the full length of the pool for it to count.

Transition 1 :

The first transition following the swimming event lasts 15 minutes, with access to the men’s and women’s locker rooms. For everyone’s safety, it is forbidden to run during this transition. Participants will have enough time to change and go to the 2nd floor at Studio 1 for the cardio cycling event. You must be totally dry when you arrive on your bike. If you wish, bring your bike shoes and racing effects to facilitate the transition.

Cardio Cycle Event

The cardio cycle event will take place in studio1, located on the 2nd floor. Volunteers will be on hand to help you adjust the bike before the start of the event. No minimum resistance is imposed. A volunteer will record the distance you have travelled at the end of the event.

  • Towels and water bottles are allowed.
  • You may rest if necessary.

Transition 2 :

This second transition, which follows the indoor cycling event, will last 10 minutes. For everyone’s safety, it is forbidden to run during this transition. If you wish, you may head to the locker rooms at the pool level to change and then return to the 3rd floor for the run event on the indoor track.

The Run Event

The run event will take place on the 125-meter indoor track located on the 3rd floor of the Downtown YMCA gymnasium.

  • You can run or walk.
  • Running shoes must be worn.
  • The jersey bearing your participant number must be worn.
  • You can rest if necessary, without blocking the race track.
  • You cannot lean on the poles along the running track.
  • You cannot run with a glass container, cell phone, headphones or any other device.

The distance will be measured by complete turn of the track. The total distance of the rider will be counted according to the number of laps completed during the final whistle.

The triathlon’s swim, bike and run events will take place in consecutive waves of about 10 people. When the first group of participants leaves the location of an event, the next wave can begin. Participants must wait for the signal from the event official.

Matériel et équipement à prévoir :

  • 1 cadenas pour votre vestiaire.
  • Maillot de bain ou maillot de triathlon (trisuit)
  • Lunettes de natation ACCEPTÉES
  • Souliers de vélo (soulier à clip type SPD) ou espadrilles de course
  • Vêtements de vélo ou de course à pied

Equipment you will need:

  • 1 lock for your locker.
  • Swimsuit or triathlon jersey (trisuit)
  • Swimming goggles ACCEPTED
  • Bike shoes (SPD clip bike shoes) or running shoes
  • Cycling or running clothing

Equipment provided on site:

  • Water bottle
  • Bathing cap
  • Towel
  • Snacks and a lunch

In addition, there will be an on-site first aid team with officials deployed at the location of each event.


The day before the event:
Preparing for the day before the event will minimize the unforeseen to manage the morning. Be sure to prepare the necessary equipment for a triathlon and check that everything is in good condition.

The Downtown YMCA is located at 1440 Stanley Street in Montreal, directly across the Peel Metro. There is parking on the street with parking meters and paid private parking nearby. Plan your journey time accordingly.

The day of the event:
You will be able to pick up your athlete kit the same morning, upon registration, in the grand lobby of the YMCA Downtown at 8:00 am. Attend the orientation session for your category. Familiarize yourself with your course and with the facilities. Volunteers will be on hand to accompany you and answer your questions.

You’re a hero! Thanks for your support!